FOX Anchor Sean Hannity To Rich, Smug, Far-Left Talk-Show Host Seth Myers: ‘You’re A Hypocritical Asshole’

There is no love lost between late night comedians and the hosts of Fox News’ evening programs. The latest clash was between Sean Hannity and Late Night host Seth Meyers, with Meyers calling Hannity a “sociopath” and Hannity clapping back, calling Meyers “just another limousine liberal, socialist, hypocritical a**hole.” On Wednesday’s episode of Late NightMeyers excoriated Hannity and Republicans opposing gun control as “sociopaths” who keep repeating the “same bullshit line.” Hannity responded on his show Thursday, slamming Meyers as a “far left socialist Democrat” and “the worst thing you could say about a comedian — he is not funny.”

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