WaPo Media Critic Erik Wemple Calls Out CNN To Its Face Over ‘Love-a-Thon’ Cuomo-on-Cuomo Chats

During an appearance on CNN’s weekly media show, Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple took the opportunity to call out the network for allowing anchor Chris Cuomo to conduct a series of fawning “love-a-thon” interviews with his brother Andrew Cuomo last year, deeming the chats a “major black eye” for CNN. With calls for Andrew Cuomo to resign as governor of New York growing amid scandals over sexual harassment and covering up COVID-related nursing home deaths, CNN has found itself widely (and justifiably) criticized for last year’s chummy Cuomo-on-Cuomo TV segments.

Wemple is still a douche, but CNN getting called out on their own network for their bias and hypocrisy was still beautiful to watch.

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