ACLU Senior Editor Rebecca McCray Says She’s ‘Angry Chuck Grassley Survived COVID’

A senior editor for the American Civil Liberties Union tweeted that she couldn’t watch Tuesday’s confirmation hearing for President Joe Biden’s nominee for associate attorney general because she “got too angry Chuck Grassley survived COVID.” In her tweet, which has since been deleted, Rebecca McCray said she tried to watch the confirmation hearing for Vanita Gupta, who would be the third-highest-ranking official in the Department of Justice if confirmed. But apparently McCray grew upset over comments by Grassley, the senior senator from Iowa, who said Gupta had “her work cut out for her showing us she can represent all Americans in the role she has been selected for.”

Mind you Senator Grassley is like 87yo so if he got COVID he’d likely die. So of course, the ACLU should fire McCray, but they probably won’t because most liberals are hypocrites and it’s a GOP Senator McCray went after so this won’t get the type of press coverage it deserves..

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