Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Head of NY Democratic State Senate, Calls on Andrew Cuomo to Resign

Gov. Andrew Cuomo “must resign” as sexual harassment allegations against him continue to mount, state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said Sunday — after the governor reportedly insisted she’d have to impeach him. In a brief statement issued shortly after a press briefing in which Cuomo vowed not to step down, Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers) cited not only the mushrooming sexual harassment scandal, but also other black eyes including a looming federal probe over the Cuomo administration’s accounting of the coronavirus death toll in nursing homes.

Of course, the real scandal here is how many nursing home deaths is Cuomo responsible for, not some white chicks that he may or may not have tried to sleep with. But leave it to the power-hungry, depraved and morally bankrupt Democrat party to not have their priorities in order.

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