100th Chris Harrison Apology Not Enough For Michael Strahan, But Is Enough For Race-Baiter Michael Dyson

Of course, Chris Harrison should be able to keep his job as “The Bachelor” host. The guy made a mistake, owned up to it, has apologized profusely and even took a break from his job so he could understand why defending a young woman who once attended an antebellum plantation-themed fraternity formal was wrong (the irony of Harrison catching more grief in all this than say Kirkconnell, seems to be lost on many btw). That’s what responsible people do. But in the Cancel Culture Era, owning up to your wrong’s and not playing victim isn’t enough and a Woke Mob led by former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay clearly want Harrison fired. Still, after Lindsay and her co-horts said Harrison needed to do more than just fall back from the show, the guy goes on ‘GMA’ today, apologizes some more and it turns out that that’s still not enough for newest Woke Mob member Michael Strahan. In other words, the guy just can’t win. And now to find out he’d being “trained” in racial sensitivity by Race Baiter Kingpin Michael Eric Dyson?!? Yunno, maybe Harrison’s better off quitting.

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