‘Critical Race Training’ Forces Staffer to Quit Her Job with Smith College

Recently, Professor William Jacobson wrote for the Martin Center about a new project of his Legal Insurrection Foundation, a site to explain and track the spread of a noxious bit of leftist mind control called Critical Race Theory. In this post on his site, he goes into the case of Jodi Shaw, who found the atmosphere at Smith College, her alma mater and where she worked as a student support coordinator, to be so hostile that she had to resign. She did not care to be compelled to “participate in racially prejudicial behavior as a condition of my employment.”

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  1. As a retired Professor of Biochemistry from the University of Vermont, Ph.D. University of Chicago, I am wholly disgusted with the divisiveness of Critical Race Theory which I personally deem a sham.I am proud to be white, but I am more proud of being a man who abhors injustice against any man, woman or child. I am color blind, and I take harsh issue with the division of humanity into various grades of skin color. On the surface, such a concept is based on sheer ignorance and flys in the face of higher values such as human dignity, integrity, and honor. We have lowered ourselves to focus on and judge the weaknesses of human beings rather than elevating humanity by focusing on our triumphs and accomplishments. What we see now are inept attempts of human beings to level the playing field by crude and incompetent tactics: the oppressed vs the oppressor. It is a throwback to ultimate tribalism and warfare. The hard truth of Critical Race Theory reinforces the offensive concept that people of color are inferior to whites. Instead of invoking JudaeoChristian principles of uplifting and loving one another, the secular progressives are engaged in a full war against the dignity of the human race. My final word: Critical Race Theory be damned to hell where it belongs.

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