Aunt Jemima Pancakes Given Even More Racist Name In Rebrand Effort

The brand, synonymous with pancake mix and syrup, will now be known as Pearl Milling Company.  While obviously there’s something wildly ironic about taking the face of a black woman (no matter how racist the portrayal was) and replacing it with the name of a color synonymous with white, there’s more to this story that actually makes you cringe at how this got past actual brand managers. The Pearl Milling Company was started in the late 1800s by two guys, Chris L. Rutt and Charles Underwood.  Now, for the record, both Mr. Rutt and Mr. Underwood are white. You see, Mr. Rutt was a fan of minstrel shows, or super-racist portrayals of black people in a form of performance where white actors dress in blackface and act out super racist stereotypes for the audience.

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