House Republicans Prepare To Oust Warmonger Liz Cheney From Leadership

House Republicans are gearing up for a referendum on Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney’s role in leadership this week after she supported Democrats’ rushed second impeachment of former President Donald Trump. Cheney ignited backlash from her own party three weeks ago when she announced her support for Democrats’ plan to remove the outgoing president days before the end of his term. The three-term Wyoming congresswoman claimed her choice to indict the president whose restrained foreign policy approach she frequently opposed was a “vote of conscience.”

Never Trumper’s and of course the Left are loving all this Republican infighting, all the while taking sides with the Wyoming Congresswoman and totally ignoring Cheney’s notorious history as a warmonger. Bottom line, Liz Cheney didn’t vote to impeach President Trump because of her ‘conscious’, she did it because 45 didn’t start any new wars.

RELATED: ‘I won’t apologize for the vote’: Cheney defends backing impeachment as defense of Constitution

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