Sephora Sacks and Smears Beauty YouTuber Amanda Ensing for Being a Conservative Christian

After conservative beauty influencer and YouTuber Amanda Ensing landed a high-profile collab with major French beauty brand Sephora, she was suddenly dropped and cancelled by the company because she does not “align with their values around inclusivity.” Ensing has a massive YouTube subscriber-ship of over 1.4 million plus sizable followings on Twitter and Instagram, where she gives her viewers fashion and makeup advice. Sephora, hoping to capitalize on her fanbase, arranged for her to promote their products in a sponsored video— a lucrative deal for both parties.

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  1. I’ve shopped at Sephora for years. After reading this, that will end. Too many companies are getting into the political game when they need to focus on their business.
    With the country split into, it’s not a good time for any business to take sides.
    It shows poor leadership.

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