Liberal Reporter Michael Tracey Triggers Progressive Meltdown Over Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Remarks

Liberal reporter Michael Tracey is no stranger to taking aim at the idiocy that engulfs the illiberal and increasingly unhinged progressive Left. He goes after conservatives as well, but it’s when he criticizes the Left’s tendencies that pandemonium ensues. He was an original Trump-Russia collusion skeptic, often mocking the many nothing-burger bombshells that arose from that media-manufactured myth. What got progressives reaching for the pitchforks to roast him this time related to the Instagram Live segment Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) had regarding the Capitol Hill riots and people saying we should move on from it. Recently, she pretty much accused Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) of trying to kill her for voicing skepticism and opposition to the 2020 Electoral College results.

AOC just claimed that Ted Cruz tried to murder her, but idiot Never Trumpers like David French are out on Twitter lashing out at conservatives for going after AOC instead of new MSNBC/CNN ‘darling’ Rep. Marjorie Greene.
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