Far-Left San Francisco Teacher Accuses Liberal Senator Bernie Sanders of ‘White Supremacy’ for Wearing Mittens While Cold

Progressive godfather Bernie Sanders has been cancelled and is now, according to a San Francisco journalist and teacher, the embodiment of “white privilege,” all because he wears meme-able mittens, or something. Few people would associate Bernie Sanders with “white supremacy.” An elederly Jewish progressive whose ill-fated presidential campaign last year promised to build a left-wing “multi-generational, multi-racial coalition,” the Vermont senator is about as far from the prototypical skinhead as it’s possible to be. Not so for Ingrid Seyer-Ochi, a high school teacher (that’s right, she shapes the youth of America) and San Francisco Chronicle columnist. In an op-ed on Saturday, Seyer-Ochi argued that Sanders “manifests privilege, white privilege, male privilege and class privilege.”

You gotta love dumb, white liberals.
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