Liberal NY Congresswoman AOC Accuses Texas Senator Ted Cruz of Trying to Murder Her

While Utah Sen. Mike Lee is opposing the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump, he is calling for the censure of liberal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for tweeting that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tried “to kill me” by helping to rile up protesters who stormed the Capitol. The Federalist reported Friday that it obtained a letter that Lee sent to other Republican senators seeking action against Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.“ It has come to my attention that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent out a tweet a few hours ago in which she accused one of our colleagues — twice — of attempted murder,” wrote Lee, who has been a close ally of Cruz for years.

It’s funny how some conservatives like Ted Cruz underestimate the level of crazy they’re dealing with when they choose to engage with a loon like AOC. I mean, AOC’s immense popularity with the far-Left has happened for several very significant reason. Sure, she’s not very bright, constantly lies, loves to engage in hyperbole and says a lot of dumb things on TV. But she’s also attractive, of mixed race, has an appealing ‘coming up’ story, blindly arrogant, is from New York and most importantly, she’s the face of a extremist base that hates conservatives and frankly wants them out of existence. In other words, unless you agree with any and everything she spouts, there’s no talking to this woman. There’s no room for compromise. AOC hates Republicans and everything they stand for. She’s said that on her Twitter account numerous times. So Cruz jumping on her timeline yesterday and being met with such derision and hate shouldn’t have surprised him or his followers as AOC’s m.o. is all out there for the world to see. Indeed, this was just AOC being AOC. And my guess too is that she didn’t give split second of thought to colleague Rep. Steve Scalise when she wrote the tweet. Because that’s who she is.

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