Mitt Romney Is Not Done Being Jealous of President Trump

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) says he believes it is constitutional to hold an impeachment trial for a president after they have left office. Actually, it’s not and Romney doing this out of pure spite, jealousy and hatred for President Trump, knows that.

Face it, Mitt Romney will never get over the fact that Donald Trump won a presidential election while he lost one. Why else would he participate in this farce, esp. after already showing his ass when he was the only GOP Senator that voted to impeach Trump the first time a year ago…over a freaking phone call. There is nothing in the Constitution that says you can impeach a private citizen. And if this ‘impeachment’ was so legit as the Democrats and the still-bitter Never Trumpers tell you it is, then why did Nancy Pelosi take her sweet time sending over the articles till only a few days ago, much less why does Justice John Roberts refuse to even preside over it? Because it’s nothing but a political stunt. Sure, every person who participated in the Capital riots should be tried and convicted to the highest degree. But the idea that President Trump ‘incited’ those rioters is pure BS and there are facts to back that up.

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