Antifa-Supporting Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler Pepper-Sprays Rioter Who Accosted Him For Outdoor Dining

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler pepper-sprayed a man who had confronted him and former mayor Sam Adams with a camera on his phone as they left a restaurant on Sunday evening, a police report details. Wheeler and the former mayor had been leaving the Hillsdale McMenamin’s pub around 8 p.m. when they said they were approached by a middle-aged white man who told them he had taken photos of Wheeler while he was inside the restaurant’s tent, according to the Portland Police Bureau report. Adams said Wheeler explained to the man the current COVID-19 rules allowed for people to not wear masks while eating and drinking and the man then reportedly said they weren’t 6 feet apart, the police report said.

This guy is a real idiot. When President Trump offered him and his city help to combat left-rioters who were literally destroying his city this past summer, he got all self-righteous and refused the offer. Now, he’s using pepper-spray on those same people, smh.

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