Lesbian Star of HBO’s ‘Charm City Kings’ Charged with Murdering Girlfriend

City police said officers were called around 4:15 a.m. Friday to the 1200 block of North Stricker Street for a report of a cutting. Police said officers found Tiffany Wilson, 33, suffering from stab wounds to the chest. She was taken to a hospital, where she died. Police said Lakeyria Doughty, 26, called 911 after she and Wilson got into an argument that ended in the stabbing down the street from Wilson’s home. According to the police charging document obtained by the 11 News I-Team, Doughty called 911 and said she and Wilson were having an argument when Wilson stabbed herself. According to police, the medical examiner’s office found the injury was inconsistent with a self-inflicted wound.

The more women are taught that they can be men and pretend to be men, the more they’re going to take on actions normally associated with men. And that includes murder.
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