Liberal San Francisco Parolee Accused of Killing 2 Pedestrians was Free Despite Several Recent Arrests

A driver accused by police of killing two pedestrians in downtown San Francisco on New Year’s Eve while intoxicated and in a stolen car is a parolee who remained free despite being arrested several times in the city in recent months, according to city officials and public records. Troy Ramon McAlister, a 45-year-old city resident who was released from a state prison sentence for robbery on April 10, was not charged with new crimes by the District Attorney’s Office after any of last year’s arrests, the most recent of which occurred on Dec. 20. District Attorney Chesa Boudin said his office opted instead to refer each case to state parole agents, who can seek to imprison those who violate the terms of their release. 

‘Wokeness’ continues to get innocent people killed.

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