Democrat Candidate for Senate Jon Ossoff Dishes Blatant Lie on Kelly Loeffler ‘Campaigning with Member of KKK’

Facts First: This is false. A former member of the KKK took a photo with Loeffler while she was campaigning earlier this month. Loeffler’s campaign said the senator did not know who the man was and would have removed him from the event had she known. This is not, at all, the same as “campaigning with a klansman,” as Ossoff claimed. Politicians often take pictures with people they don’t know. The photo, taken at a December 11 campaign event, shows Loeffler posing with Chester Doles, a former Ku Klux Klan leader and member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance who was sentenced to prison in the 1990s for assaulting a Black man in Maryland.

Of course, Left-wing news sites like Mediaite are still featuring stories on Ossoff ‘hijacking’ a FOX interview instead of this more important story on Ossoff’s blatant lie, but that’s today’s broken media for ya.
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