Liberal Actor Alec Baldwin’s White Wife Hillary Admits To Posing As Spanish Woman For Years

Last week, a Twitter sleuth sketched out how Hilaria Baldwin, the influencer wife of actor (and sometime SNL star) Alec Baldwin, has perpetrated “a decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person.” The user, who goes by the handle @lenibriscoe, shared a number of damning videos of “Hilaria,” from a Good Morning America appearance where she employed a Spanish accent to a Today show stop in which she supposedly could not remember the English word for “cucumber.”

This woman faked being Spanish for years, to the point of even using a fake accent. And her famous, far-Left, Trump-hating husband knew about it and said nothing. Her real name is Hillary, not Hilaria and the liberal media totally fell for it. Can’t help but wonder why.

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2 replies

  1. The guy who wrote that claim against Baldwin’s wife dresses like an animal in private and when they have sex with cows.
    See how that works? A load of BS that if taken seriously can damage the reputation.
    Just like the BS article at this site.

    Racist much? No, A LOT. You should be ashamed.


    • Ashamed of what? Hillary Baldwin, a white woman with white parents from Massachusetts, posed as a Latina woman for years now. She got caught out there faking a Spanish accent and committed to the bit so hard that she gave all her kids Spanish names. Hell, even her high school classmates have called her out on being a poser. So who’s the real racist?


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