TIME Magazine Picks Joe Biden & Kamala Harris for ‘Person of the Year’ over Frontline Healthcare Workers

Time magazine has come under fire over its selection of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as its Persons of the Year, with critics wondering why the honor wasn’t bestowed on physicians and vaccine developers battling the coronavirus. Fox News contributor Joe Concha, whose wife is an emergency room doctor, told “America’s Newsroom” Friday it was clear frontline health care workers were more deserving than Biden and Harris, the 2020 Democratic ticket that defeated President Trump in November. “Time magazine, which is a shell of itself — laughable, quite frankly in terms of its partisanship — gives it to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, because that was the politically correct thing to do and because it’s what their readers wanted from a comfort food perspective,” Concha said. Frontline workers and White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci were honored as “Guardians of the Year” instead.

TIME magazine has lost all of what’s left of their integrity.

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