LLC Co-Owned by Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Husband Got $635K in COVID-19 Relief

A political consulting group co-owned by Rep. Ilhan Omar’s husband received nearly $635,000 in coronavirus funds, public records show. Tim Mynett’s E Street Group LLC was given $134,800 this year as part of the Paycheck Protection Program; he was also given $500,000 in Economic Injury Disaster loans. Omar (D-Minn.) and Mynett married in March, and just weeks after they tied the knot, his consulting firm was paid $189,000 by Omar’s campaign, The Post reported in July. Mynett was allegedly Omar’s lover until their affair was exposed last year, while the two were still married to other people.

With all the scandals this woman has been involved in the past 2 years, I still can’t believe that she got re-elected.

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