Democrat Rep Elissa Slotkin Admits “Problem” with Their Message: “People Don’t Know What We Stand For”

With victory at hand, Elissa Slotkin could not shake the feeling of imminent defeat. Two years to the day after winning her first race for Congress, Slotkin, a former CIA analyst who ran to represent Michigan’s 8th Congressional District as a pragmatic “Midwestern Democrat,” leaned forward on the sofa inside her family’s farmhouse. The smell of success was in the air—literally. Her husband, Dave, stacked a table high with trays of Indian food; a group of Slotkin’s campaign aides were arriving for a celebratory feast after securing her a second term in the House of Representatives. There was, suddenly, all the more reason for jubilation: Hours earlier, every major news outlet had called the presidential race for Joe Biden, ending an 84-hour stalemate that had America biting its fingernails.

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