Joe Biden Foreign Policy Legacy Will Lead U.S. To More Endless Wars

In just over a week, the Empire hopes to strike back. Joe Biden personifies the foreign policy of endless war that Democrats and neoconservatives pursued for 25 years, from the end of the Cold War until the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Biden voted for the biggest and most foolish intervention of that era, the Iraq War of 2003. He has not so much repudiated this act as tried to exculpate himself for it, claiming that in voting to authorize military force he didn’t think military force would be used. This is not credible on its face, and not the way anyone understood the vote at the time. It was as clear a vote for war as any vote has been since World War Two. Biden’s overall record is one of foreign policy interventionism, with the notable exception of a vote against the 1991 Persian Gulf War — and he says that regrets that vote now.

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