Clueless Reality Star Kylie Jenner Flaunts Wealth with ‘Back to School’ Post of Daughter Stormi’s $12G Backpack

Hey, Kylie Jenner grew up around wealth, obviously learned a thing or two from the people around her growing up and now run’s her own billion-dollar cosmetic business. Good for her. But there’s a pandemic going on, people are literally standing in long lines to get food, the economy is getting better but it’s still suffering, there’s riots going on in the street’s and hundreds of thousands of people are without jobs. Yet, with all that going on Kylie’s busy showing off an expensive backpack for her 2yo kid and posting it to social media for everyone to see?!? That’s a choice and a bad one at that. You’d think that she learned something when her sister Kendall got some huge backlash for that dumb commercial stunt she pulled with Pepsi some years back.

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