Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Wants to Remove the Washington Monument

All in the name of ‘values’ consistent with #DCValues, says Bowser. This far-Left, Trump-hating mayor also wants to rename or relocate every school, learning area, gov’t building and park in the area as well to fit her white, liberal massah’s agenda. And you wonder why conservatives don’t want DC to become a state?


Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser has taken a break from her busy schedule of ignoring violent anti-police protests in her own city to figure out which problematic historical figures need to disappear from the public square.

Bowser has tasked a committee with determining which monuments need to be relocated, removed, or contextualized and which buildings and parks need to be re-named to reflect better the “values” that “DC residents hold dear.” The committee, District of Columbia Facilities and Commemorative Expressions, which was created on July 15 amid the George Floyd protests, recommends that the federal government “remove, relocate, or contextualize” the following statues and memorials.

  1. Christopher Columbus – Columbus Fountain
  2. Benjamin Franklin – Benjamin Franklin Statue
  3. Andrew Jackson – Andrew Jackson Statue
  4. Thomas Jefferson – Jefferson Memorial
  5. George Mason – George Mason Memorial
  6. Francis Griffith Newlands – Newlands Memorial Fountain
  7. Albert Pike – Albert Pike Statue
  8. George Washington – Washington Monument, George Washington Statue

One should probably assume that the committee recommends only contextualizing the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial because good luck removing or relocating those.

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